Living on the Green Mile (a very short post) 

Depression is starting to feel like a death sentence. Taking one day at a time, waiting for the electric chair. I feel trapped physically, mentally and emotionally. I need a cuddle and to be told everything will be ok


Richard Ashcroft was right, the drugs dont work

So it’s finally happened, my tablets are doing absolutely sweet f a. I’m slipping back into the abyss and some people seem to be cheering on the darkness. Luckily I have some great people throwing me ropes and egging me on, my neighbours who I’ve known for less than two years, a woman who I went out with for two weeks about 18 years ago and haven’t spoken to until a few months back and a complete stranger who I bought something off who turned out to be an amazingly kind MILF. It’s funny sometimes who has you back and who can’t weather the storm. It’s left me confused and hurt but I understand that some people don’t have the energy to be involved with me. Times like these is when I feel at my loneliest but I don’t want to be around anybody. FML

Sorry for the rambling but this is just how I am right now

I’ve also become an unrelenting, yet apologetic, sex pest. I’m trying my hardest to rein it in

Just when you think it can’t get worse… 

It would appear that my anxiety is actually getting worse. Instead of the usual slow increase, which I learned to manage to a point, I now just get smacked in the face by it. I’m having one right now

5 hours of sleep later……

This was as far as I got with this article before I had to turn everything off and go to sleep. The nausea was too much, thankfully attacks completely drain all your energy so I drifted off quickly.

As I’ve already said, they’re getting worse. I normally get steadily worse over a period of hours but all this happened in then than an hour. The clamminess was replaced with so much sweat it was actually dripping off my nose and my hair was wet. My nausea was like being punched in the stomach repeatedly, my body tensing like I was vomiting, yet I didn’t feel like I was going to be sick anytime soon (if that makes any sense to you lot). Without going into detail, instead of increasing regularity of toilet stops it was like that scene in Dumb And Dumber. Now when you combine the physical manifestations with an inexplicable feeling of doom it’s just horrendous. 

I tried xbox, watching TV and writing this to calm it all down. Nothing was helping so I tried an old trick, wrapped myself in a bath towel. Something about the feel of towels on skin settles me. In between the waves of anxiety it didn’t take long to fall asleep.

I’m fairly sure the only thing that set this off was too much coffee during the day.

It’s now 4am. I’ve been awake for about 20 mins finishing this post. Time for sleep again. Night all


Two months later….. 

…. And I’m no better. My tablets have been increased again and I’m waiting for counselling again. Sometimes I feel like I’m going in circles like a haunted merry-go-round.

However something in me has sparked and I seem to be getting a bit of fire in my belly. I’ve started playing bass guitar which I’m really enjoying despite not being great. The other thing I’ve done is more significant and out of my comfort zone, I’ve hired a personal trainer. Calm down everyone, I’ve not lost the plot just yet. I needed to attack this and exercise and eating better is one of the few things I can control. 

General mood is low lately. I’ve just returned to work after five weeks off and I hate it there but until I’m feeling better there’s not much I can do about. Apart from wallow in self-pity obviously.

Still no sign of a significant other but to be honest I couldn’t cope with normal relationship demands right now and I’m probably be a shit bf too. Still, I’m starting to feel about as welcome as a shart in a spacesuit. 

I know this post flows about as well as a transit van in a canal but meh, whatever.

I should also stop writing in metaphors (?) but I find it easier to express stuff


Writers block? No, just couldn’t be arsed

I’ve not blogged for a while and it’s time for an update. My suicidal thoughts have faded quite a lot but have been replaced waves of apathy . It’s a funny feeling because you reach a point where you don’t care, now most people say that when the do but I have moments when I literally couldn’t give a fuck. Sleeping? Effort. Breathing? Autopilot. Eating? Because my body tells me too, not out of choice. It’s quite liberating in some ways, at least my anxiety and stress can take a back seat for a while, but as with all my other issues it’s up and down all the time. Nothing seems to plateau anymore which is one of the hardest things to deal with.

A big trigger in all this was an incident where a persons behaviour caused me to have what I call a spaz attack. Not sure if it’s anxiety or stress but it was a big hit to my already shaky core and ruined a safe place for me. I’ve still not settled down but they’ve shown genuine remorse which has helped a little. Obviously now though I’ve taken a few steps back in my recovery which is already taking longer than I expected it to.

Fishing has once again taken over my life. Every day off is spent sat on the bank but I’ve changed my tactics and I’m catching again. This however also comes with drawbacks as I’m not getting anything done and day to day stuff piles up like a students washing.

I can’t seem to stay focused on much at the moment, including this blog, which isn’t helping either. 

All in all I’m better than I was a few weeks ago but I’m still not back to how I was last summer. Hopefully things will settle soon as I’m trying a slightly unorthodox style of “therapy” The best way to describe it is hormone control 


Giving up is not an option although sometimes I wish I could embrace it

Having a constant internal battle between giving up completely and wanting to have a life is tiring. I’m a 32 yr old man, no significant other, no house and a bucket load of mental issues but on the other hand I’m a 32 yr old man, single, debt free, my own car and on all accounts I’m not bad looking. My job is only ok but also my job is ok, it’s secure and it’s fairly clean. My car is 11 years old but it’s a economical, good condition, fast, reliable German whip ( I actually can’t believe I just called it a whip ) I want to be left alone and never leave the house or talk to anyone but I want to be able to go out and have a laugh, got to gigs and bars and restaurants. Every aspect of my life is looked at in this way, it’s a painful existence and sometimes the quick option comes to mind. The idea of the pain and sadness stopping suddenly gives you a weird happy feeling that lures you towards the unspeakable. I have said the words ” I can’t do this anymore” out loud more times than I’d like to admit but I’m still here. Why? Maybe it’s fear, maybe it’s a need to live a normal life, I genuinely don’t know but I’m still alive and kicking.


My futile pursuit of exercise

Exercise has never been my strong point, I was always the slowest and weakest of my friends but I yearn for it. I’ve always wanted to be strong and fit but I can never stick to anything. Depression had a hold of every part of my life but I’m trying to create goals around exercise as when I do occasionally do it I feel loads better. I’m booked to do Tough Mudder in September but I’ve only been for one run in the last couple of months so my training is going about as well as everything  else in my life. I’ve even debated joining a gym but due to my social anxiety and fear of everything new I don’t see myself sticking to it.

I had a minor brainwave the other day, why don’t I start an exercise group for like minded people? Start simple and do it somewhere like the park and maybe if it goes well I can ask people for a small donation every session and put the money into equipment and booking a leisure centre. I have a friend who’s an instructor and I’m hoping I can get him on board


Fishing. The cure-all that’s no longer working for me

I could never see the point of fishing, sitting down for hours on end staring at the water. It was something that never ever interested me but last summer my brother suggested we try it. Our first trip out we spent about 6 hours sitting in the rain drinking tea, eating Jaffa Cakes and catching nothing but a cold, I was absolutely hooked (excuse the pun) Every free day I had I was on the bank come rain or shine but soon that wasn’t enough. I work shifts so every other week I have my afternoons free so I was spending them on the bank too. My brother had commitments at home so I started going on my own a lot of the time. It was doing wonders for my confidence and was really helping me fight my depression. After having the winter off due to bereavement I have taken it back up again but it doesn’t feel the same. I no longer have that fishing buzz you get on the run-up to the weekend, every Friday used to feel like Christmas Eve. It’s almost like a relationship that’s gone stale and you’re just going through the motions. Maybe I’m sick of sitting on a public lake having to deal with wayward dogs and cocky little kids, maybe I’m bored of having to tie knots and unhook fish for other people or maybe I’m just worse than I was when I started fishing last year.


You always hurt the ones you love the most. How stress, anxiety and depression has killed another friendship

So my S.A.D has pushed someone away so far that they’ve fell off my radar completely. I can’t blame them, I’d walk away from it too if I could. The problem I have with losing friends and love interests  is that they don’t always explain why. Is it too painful for them to sit and watch someone they care about shrivel away or do they just not care anymore? Sometimes you’ll never know, you’ve just got to shed a tear, pick yourself up and dust yourself off. 

It’s not easy but it’s even harder when you think you love them but never get the chance to find out


Nothing is lonelier than the night

I don’t know why I stay up late, 90% of the people I know are sleep, you have to be quiet as you don’t want to wake anyone up and most places are shut so you can’t really go out. I just sit here mindless watching TV or playing video games to try and blank out my thoughts and ignore the echoing chasm that is the night. But I’ll still do it, every chance I get, to sit here and mull over the shit pile that is my life. 

Despondent is a good word for how I feel at times like this, silently lying in an empty bed, not wanting anybody in the house to know I’m awake. I’m lonely but I don’t want the company that’s on offer apart from the dog, he doesn’t ask me what’s wrong or try to make me feel better with cliches, he just sits there without judgement or pity and soaks up all the attention like a sponge while dishing out affection. You see, I get really irritable and shitty with people because they won’t let me sit in peace. I’ll sit with them so I’m not alone but people always want you to join in.

I need a cuddle. I need someone to let me rest my head on their chest and stroke my hair while I tumble down this rabbit hole and wait for the strength to climb back out. But herein lies another kick in the teeth, I don’t have the energy to worry and care about somebody else. I met a beautiful woman and my feelings for her grew faster than I could cope with and now I’ve pushed her away because I didn’t want to drag her down into this pit with me (plus I got really needy and scared her off) She has done amazingly well at fighting her own demons, I can’t ask her to meet mine. Now I just watch from a distance as the gorgeous flower blooms into the confident person she strives to be and drifts away like cherry blossom in the Spring. I just hope she forgives me for being a dick.

Sleep should be my friend, hours of peace and quiet but trying to sleep when you’re  miserable and fed up is surprisingly difficult. It should be easy, I don’t want to be awake and sleeping would bring daylight and bacon but no such luck