My futile pursuit of exercise

Exercise has never been my strong point, I was always the slowest and weakest of my friends but I yearn for it. I’ve always wanted to be strong and fit but I can never stick to anything. Depression had a hold of every part of my life but I’m trying to create goals around exercise as when I do occasionally do it I feel loads better. I’m booked to do Tough Mudder in September but I’ve only been for one run in the last couple of months so my training is going about as well as everything  else in my life. I’ve even debated joining a gym but due to my social anxiety and fear of everything new I don’t see myself sticking to it.

I had a minor brainwave the other day, why don’t I start an exercise group for like minded people? Start simple and do it somewhere like the park and maybe if it goes well I can ask people for a small donation every session and put the money into equipment and booking a leisure centre. I have a friend who’s an instructor and I’m hoping I can get him on board


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